The Electronic Pension Contribution Collection System (EPCCOS) is a user-friendly, self-service pension management system that provides a uniform method of coordinating pension remittance processes and information for the Employer, the Fund Administrator and the Custodian. It tracks monthly employee’s pension remittance schedules produced by Employers for PFAs and records matching payments to the custodial accounts of the employees PFAs.

EPCCOS is intended to eliminate employer’s burden of multiple schedule generation, ensure timely crediting of employee’s Retirement Savings Account (RSA), minimal contribution reconciliation issues and a self-service platform.

Other Benefits of EPCCOS

  • Ensures proper employee capture and reporting of monthly pension payment
  • It establishes an organized database for monthly pension payment schedules.
  • It firmly establishes openness and accountability entrenched in reporting obligations of PFAs and PFCs to both contributors and the National Pension Commission.
  • Easy payment scheduling and contribution payment reconciliation.
  • Easy and safe fulfillment of organizational pension remittance duties from the comfort of their offices
  • It provides easy access to a central database and tracking system for contributing pension data by all stakeholders
  • It serves as a uniform standard for pension fund collection across all PFAs and employers

Registration on EPCCOS:

Log in to the EPCCOS portal at https://apps.nibss-plc.com.ng/EPCCOS

To register as an employer,

Click on employer registration

  • Type in the employer code from PenCom
  • Type in your valid email address.
  • Click register. You will receive an activation mail, click the link to access the employer’s registration page.
  • Input employer’s details and click continue.
  • Create your administrator and enter the system administrator details
  • Log in to the portal by clicking on the location as stated on the portal.
  • Create a user, the user logs in with username and default password as the password.

Procedure for schedule upload on EPCCOS

Log in with your email address earlier provided as username.

  1. Complete all fields with correct information
  2. Prior to payment, upload the contribution schedule
  3. Platform will validate employer code and pin digits for accuracy
  4. Based on the uploaded schedule, the platform creates a unique reference number and the amount payable.
  5. Make payment through various channels

The payment channels could be through:

  • Directly on EPCCOS, from employers’ bank account using the EPCCOS payment module recently launched.
  • Through e-billspay, which is available at all banks, using the unique Transaction ID reference number
  • By NEFT or instant transfer quoting EPCCOS transaction ID in the narration.


Available payment options

  •  E-Billspay
  • Others (Cheque, Transfer, Cash, NIP)
  • Payment status changes automatically on EPCCOS once payment is made through e-billspay.
  • Payment status has to be changed manually by the employer and confirmed by the custodian.


  1. How do you connect to EPCCOS?
  • We connect to EPCCOS over the internet.
  1. What competency is required to operate EPCCOS?
  • Working Knowledge of Microsoft excel application
  • Good knowledge of internet applications.
  1. What type of users do employers have?
  • Administrator
  • Uploader
  1. What do you upload on EPCCOS?
  • Employee contribution schedule in Excel Format