Multi-fund Information

All you need to know about our multi-fund service

Guaranty Trust Pension Managers offer different pension fund options to match our client’s risk appetite. Depending on your risk tolerance, you can direct your pension to be conservative or aggressive investments where you can either accumulate modest returns or maximize your returns.

With these available RSA multi-fund options, everyone can invest something towards their future.

You can invest in one or more fund options we offer.

Fund IFund IIFund IIIFund IVFund VFund VI
AggressiveModestConservativeSuper-conservativeModestEthical Fund
Not accessible to retirees over 50Default RSA fund for people who are 49 and belowDefault RSA fund for people who are 50 and aboveDefault RSA fund for retireesFor contributors in the informal sectorFor non-interest/sharia-compliant contributors
Contributors over 50 can move funds to Fund II or III on requestContributors can move funds to Fund I on requestContributors can move funds to Fund II on requestContributors cannot move funds40% can be withdrawn for contingenciesContributors can move between Fund II, III or IV
ARR of 3yrs = 7.160%ARR of 3yrs= 14.081%ARR of 3yrs= 15.185%ARR of 3yrs= 13.602%ARR of 3yrs= 12.887%ARR of 3yrs = 1.620%
Rolling Average of 3yrs=N/ARolling Average of 3yrs= 11.96%Rolling Average of 3yrs= 14.25%Rolling Average of 3yrs= 12.84%Rolling Average of 3yrs = N/ARolling Average of 3yrs-N/A
Admin. fee = ₦100Admin. fee = ₦100Admin. fee = ₦100Admin. fee = ₦100Admin. fee = ₦20 for contributions below ₦4,000 and ₦80 for contributions above ₦4,000 Admin fee = ₦100

To initiate a transfer among funds, kindly fill the Multi-fund Transfer Form below and send a copy to

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